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Our Wavelength

Forgotten Films, Vintage Television And Cool Stories
A Retro Vibe For A Modern World

Welcome to Transistor TV, home to the Good, the Bad and the Forgotten. Can you dig it daddio? Of course you can. That's why you're here. In this dimension we travel to a place where life occurs in black and white with just a splash of kodachrome.

Once there was a time when all we feared was a nuclear blast from the Russkis while we ducked underneath our desk or maybe a grasshopper from your back yard growing to the size of a Buick, onnaconna aliens messin around. The only social media that existed back in the day, was a party line or a nosy neighbor. 

But that was then......this is now.

Today there is no need to wait until the wee hours of the night to watch a campy flick, wake up early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons, or rush home after school to see serial action with all your favorite adventure heroes.

On Tranisistor TV the past is not forgotten. In fact in this domain it's celebrated and gleaned from.

Whether it's a short visit or a longer stay, discovery or reminiscence are yours through a few simple clicks. Sit back my friends, let your fingers do the walking and our channels will do the talking.

Make yourself comfortable. We're happy you're here. Feel free to explore our humble dwelling. The door is always open to you. Inside this wavelength, we present stimulating cinema and sense stirring snapshots of a simpler time. Tell us what you think and what you feel.  We look forward to you frequenting our frequency. Most importantly dig this crazy ride, Clyde,  you are now deep inside the world of Transistor TV.

How far out can you get?

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Maxwell Truth

The quest was ongoing. Years spent traversing the land, town to town, coast to coast...yet the search for a flawless card trick and inspirational jocularity proved futile. One exhaustive evening while contemplating a stint with the French Foreign Legion,  Maxwell Truth found himself yearning for the simpler pleasures in life. The kind that were found in the celluloid world of B movies, classic television and the innocence of a mid-century mod mindset.


He set up residence in a dank dark poetry basement/coffeehouse in Buffalo, New York and began hosting offbeat movies to anyone that was remotely interested in such frivolity. His irreverence and quick wit soon found a loyal following all over North America through the magic of broadcast television.


But that analog angst has turned into digital discernment, and now, through this reincarnated platform, Maxwell Truth shares with the world some of his favorite things.

Movies, memories, music, mirth and magic. All things M.

But this universe is beyond any letter in the alphabet, this place is wayyyyy out there man.



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