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    Flash Gordon​ (1936)

    The very first live action story based on the famous comic strip created by Alex Raymond.  Join Flash, Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov as they head to the Planet Mongo in an attempt to avert an imminent collision with the planet Earth. Watch as our daring hero and his friends battle the evil Emperor Ming the Merciless and one doomsday scenario after another. Presented in 13 action packed episodes.

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    Howdy Doody​ (1947-60)

    The very first network children's show that ran five days a week. This iconic show became a prototype for childrens entertainment for decades following as a result. Hosted by "Buffalo" Bob Smith and joined by his puppet pal Howdy Doody, Clarabelle the Clown and a whole slew of characters from the fictitious town of Doodyville. Back in the 1950's it was every kids dream to sit in the Peanut Gallery.

  • THE BATMAN 1943 TV Serial Poster Transis

    Captain Z-RO​ (1951-56)

    Scientist Captain Z-Ro, working in his remote laboratory, safeguarded mankind and history from  harm. He had a time machine,  both to view history and to send someone back. Each week, he and his teenage assistant Jet would view an episode in time and see that some event was unfolding contrary to recorded history. Captain Z-Ro would then send someone back in time to intervene and ensure that history played out as originally recorded.

  • Annie Oakley

    Annie Oakley (1954-57)

    Hard ridin, straight shootin and suspense. Not all western heroes were dudes. This fictionalized account of the legendary real life Wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley was set in the quiet western town of Diablo, Annie and her little brother Tagg made sure outlaws who moseyed into town kept on going. Often at her side was friend, suitor and deputy sheriff Lofty Craig with whom she often showed off her shooting prowess. It's a rootin tootin shootin show.

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