• His Girl Friday (1940)

    When hard-charging newspaper editor Walter Burns (Cary Grant) discovers that his ex-wife,  reporter Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell), has gotten engaged to cuckish Bruce Baldwin (Ralph Bellamy), he unsuccessfully tries to lure her away from tame domestic life with a story about the impending execution of a convicted murderer. But when she discovers Williams may be innocent, her reporter instincts take over.

    Too bad they don't make em like this anymore!

    Classic screwball comedy at it's best.

  • Road To Bali (1952)

    Two unemployed show-biz pals (Bob Hope and Bing Crosby) accept treasure-diving work in Bali, Indonesia, for a local princess (Dorothy Lamour). There they find treasure, love and trouble but they provide us with a lot of laughs along the way. It was the only entry in the “Road To” series filmed in Technicolor and was the first to feature surprise cameo appearances from other well-known stars of the day including Humphrey Bogart, Jane Russell, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Classic comedy from a legendary team.

  • The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954)

    Reporter Charles Wills (Van Johnson), in Paris to cover the end of World War II, falls for the beautiful Helen Ellswirth (Elizabeth Taylor) following a brief flirtation with her sister, Marion (Donna Reed). After he and Helen marry, Charles pursues his novelistic ambition while supporting his new bride with a deadening job at a newspaper wire service. But when an old investment suddenly makes the family wealthy, their marriage begins to unravel -- until a sudden tragedy changes everything

  • 20%2520Million%2520Miles%2520to%2520Eart

    20 Million Miles To Earth (1957)

    A manned spaceship crashes into the sea on the way back from Venus losing its precious cargo. Colonel Robert Calder played by William Hopper of Perry Mason fame, is the lone human survivor who takes on the task of reigning in the rampage of the other survivor . A gelatinous blob that soon moves up a few notches in scale. All kinds of scales! This one has it all. Rockets, space monsters, damsels in distress and mayhem. Ray Harryhausens' stop motion animation make this fun for kids of all ages!


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