Being in the Moment is a Powerful Way to Live

I understand that being in the moment is a powerful way to live. It keeps us present and centered. However, reliving warm tender memories can often be comforting. Not so much as a wish for reliving the past but as a reaffirmation to how we arrived at the present.

In any event, recently while exploring a flea market I purchased a box filled with about a thousand memories from someone’s life that had been discarded. These were significant moments for the people in the pictures. Weddings, holidays, births, vacations, graduations, etc. Cost me ten bucks.

It was so sad to realize that no one wanted to preserve their ancestors experience or recall these snapshots in time. Then I thought of all the video and memorabilia that I had accumulated over the years. Decades upon decades of seeing value in things others had discarded.

Eventually, I realized that I was not alone. There are many of us out there. “One mans trash is another mans treasure”, was not just a sign inside Fred Sanfords junkyard. So I began to compile an inventory while contemplating a way to share all these glimpses of history. Short of recreating Teslas work in quantum physics and time travel, I thought a platform on the world wide web might be the answer. Free of the constraints of traditional media outlets, censorship and tight scheduling, a domain that was "always on"…consisting of varied content, might appeal to like minded cinephiles, collectors, history buffs and children of the atomic age.

Transistor TV took hold in my mind like an unrelenting prospector searching for gold. Over time the thoughts became images and the images became real.

Now we can all share in my hoarded collection of consciousness from earlier eras as if we fell between the folds of the space time continuum. Join me on the journey if you will. There are many stories to be told, video to be screened and pictures to be viewed. If we don’t share them…did they really happen?

PS - What do you suppose will happen to all those selfies on your phones when you are gone?

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